Ondas: um possível caminho para refletir sobre as experiências musicais nos territórios da educação musical

  • Teca Alencar de Brito Universidade de São Paulo
Keywords: Musical Education, Ideas of Music, Creative Process


"Ondas" is the name of a CD that features musical productions made with and by children and teenagers who make music at the Teca Oficina de Música in São Paulo, Brazil. Inspired by the celebrations of the centenary of birth of the important Brazilian composer Dorival Caymmi (1914-2008), and therefore, with several compositions related to the sea, fishermen's life, nature, among other aspects, the title also refers to the continuous movements of water, which - at one and the same time - are similar and different, as is the case with the musical (and human) events that emerge in our work space. The project is part of ongoing research that focuses, in particular, on the dynamism of musical thought revealed through sound-musical practices and unique ways of dealing with music materials, concepts and ideas; 2 - creative processes involved in improvisations, compositions, inventions and sonorizations of stories, elaboration of arrangements, developed in classes in groups (with children and adolescents, between 3 and 14 years old) and / or in private lessons ); 3 - projects marked by the integration between practice and reflection and by the expansion of the concept of and become the course of childhood, as well as the creative processes that can emerge in open musical education systems; 4 -the uniqueness of musical thought along the way, which we call "ideas of music"; 5- the construction of the "way to walk", combining everyday, imaginary, mundane, rare, traditional and new. This proposal is based on pedagogical-musical principles of H-J Koellreutter; (b) in the researches and propositions of François Delalande; c) in the propositions of Theory of Dynamic Systems, according to Esther Thelen; (c) in philosophical concepts of Deleuze and Guattari, (ideal game, minor, rhizome), and (d) in the concept of open musical pedagogies, according to the Argentine music educator Violeta H. de Gainza. The name of the CD recalls one of the recorded compositions developed by teenagers. The main objective of this communication is to highlight the uniqueness of music ideas that emerge.