Ba-Ba-Baila-Plim: um concerto dedicado à primeira infância

  • Susana Marçal Grangeia MúsicAmiga, Lda.
  • Andreia Sofia Garcia Duarte Universidade de Aveiro
Keywords: concert, Early-Childhood, informal learning, music, dance


In a dusty attic live the memories of a happy childhood and the magic of small things. A piano, a trumpet, a guitar, an old drabuka, a concertina, and a ballerina who sleeps profoundly in her music box. One day she awakens and dances, travelling through the seasons, waking with her the music that always lived in that attic, in that childhood. Integrated into an informal learning concept, this concert aims to establish a clear difference in the approach to the artistic level; "concert for babies" and "concert with babies" metamorphose in different ways. Babies act as an integral part of the show, assuming the character of active agents. At the level of the performance itself, we conceived a show with a strong sensorial charge and a great visual care, always with the intention that the music and the processes to be triggered in practice can be deciphered. Each moment seeks to lead us to another, on a journey through continuous sounds, sensations and experiences. It looks for the charm of the little expressions, there is the sensitivity of a dancer and the lightness and speed of the wind that blows the leaves in the autumn, reminiscences of the traditional songbook from Aveiro and improbable instruments, always with music as the main moto. The music is interpreted live, enabling the contact and the acoustic experience.