Rock’n Roll: uma perspectiva de expressão e criatividade musical com crianças

  • Paulo Sérgio Lacerda de Albuquerque Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
Keywords: teaching-learning, Kindergarden, PIBID music, musical education, Rock ‘n Roll


Starting from the perspective of significant and dynamic educational process in a basic education school, the musical educator needs search distinct strategies that give effective subsidies that your teaching practice be articulated in your reality. In view of simultaneous exchange of experience among basic education teachers (supervisor of PIBID – Programa de Iniciação à Docência) and the Scholarship holders of subproject of music program, this present paper aims to reflect on the results of the praxis of process pedagogicmusical of student’s expression and creativity fulfilled with a class of 3rd year of elementary school of a public school from Natal’s municipal network, Rio Grande do Norte/Brazil. The activities developed through the movie “School of Rock”, where after the appreciation, musical styles are discussed, especially Rock’n Roll. After, main musical instruments of rock and roll were identified and each student customized their drawings on paper. Groups were formed for simulate bands of Rock, transforming infantile popular songs on the style that was studied. This activity took the basic education students to develop musical elements as perception of many musical styles, stamps, rhythms and melodies, as well as expression and creativity. Beyond the other aspects of global formation as attention, promptitude, socialization. Fulfilled in a motivating and playful way, this activity brought as results significant and consistent contributions on the process teaching-learning of all those involved: professor-supervisor, scholarship holders and basic education students. So, we can do a verification the efficiency of PIBID in the formative process of musical educator, as well as in the basic education student’s global formation.