Contributos das Expressões Artísticas na criação e dinamização de projetos artísticos para crianças e jovens em idade escolar

  • Maria do Rosário da Silva Santana Instituto Politécnico da Guarda
  • Helena Maria da Silva Santana Universidade de Aveiro
Keywords: artistic creation, motivation, creativity, artistic design, basic education


This work presents an artistic project that, in our opinion, strengthens the acquisition of skills in the area of musical creation, reinforcing the development of projects of artistic creation of a global nature, encompassing and collaborative. Held within the scope of the Didactics of Expressions Curricular Unit, this project studies how Artistic Expressions are fundamental for the development of human skills and interaction. In this type of project, the actors can develop and optimize the different skills they acquire in the cognitive, creative, musical and performative areas. Teachers and students found themselves in close interaction and collaboration, allowing the creation of didactic-pedagogical content where they played a fundamental role in determining their technical-expressive contents. In this sense, students are allowed to develop theoretical, creative and expressive skills, not forgetting the contents learned in the area of education sciences, especially in their personal, social and ethical training component.
Therefore, with the application of this project, we intend to understand how this type of didactic and pedagogical approach develops cognitive, creative, musical and performative capacities, as well as how it develops the motivation and the ability to memorize content by the students and actors. On the other hand, we want to understand how the motivation and the memorization of contents is shown and strengthened in the areas of composition and musical performance, from given materials. In this sense, it was proposed the development of a show for which diverse contents of literary, scenic, dramatic and musical nature were created. The elaboration of this project demands motivation, creativity and skills in the areas of dramatic and musical expression, where improvisation and memorization are preponderant in order to obtain the final results. Thus, there was a time dedicated to the creation process and another dedicated to the contents of which resulted a set of songs and musical pieces inspired by the experiences and experiences of the different actors.