Entre a palavra, a imaginação e o som: Imagética e metáfora na pedagogia coral infantil

  • Janete Costa Ruiz Centro de Investigação em Estudos da Criança, Universidade do Minho
  • Maria Helena Vieira Centro de Investigação em Estudos da Criança, Universidade do Minho
Keywords: Imagery, Metaphor, Children choir, Choral pedagogy


The use of images, metaphors and figurative speech are a traditional resource in vocal pedagogy. Most figurative expressions used by conductors and teachers aim to induce physiological adjustments, as well as acoustics, to produce a free, tuned, resonant and vibrant sound. However, as a conductor cannot have an individual pedagogic action for each and every choral singer, some images and metaphors are reported to have a positive effect on the ensemble, promoting the development of technical and expressive skills, leading each singer into an interpretative, creative and intangible dimension. In particular, when applied in a childrens’ choir, these expressions are an effective pedagogic tool if adapted to age, interest, and development levels, allowing the fusion between the physical (breath, posture, sound) and the non-material (emotion expression, literary meaning, the musicianship and communicative skills development). It's efficiency seems to be the result of the combined stimulation of imagination and interpersonal communication. This paper is based on a Case Study developed on the Ph.D. Program in Children Studies in the University of Minho. Starting with the voice of young singers we discuss if and how figurative speech affects musical perception and how it helps the development of vocal and musical skills, unifying the spoken word, the imagination, the body, the voice and the sound into a musical significant reality.