Novas músicas para novos flautistas: Relato de uma experiência

  • Cláudia Schreiner Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecntologia do Rio Grande do Sul
Keywords: recorder, flute, composition, performance, musical education


Noticing that some students have specific difficulties which cannot be explained by biomechanical or cognitive reasons and that the flute and recorder repertoire for beginners published in Brazil is limited despite the relevance of contemporary repertoire and the tradition of collaboration between composers and musicians in Porto Alegre I asked composers to write pieces for the recorder or the flute based on a list of ideas for composition. These pieces were played in class, performed in concerts and published as Novas músicas para novos flautistas. My observations were noted in diaries. Eight composers wrote thirty-six pieces. All of them are contributions to the repertoire for its musical quality. There are differences in style, duration, musical form, instrumentation, techniques and explored concepts. Playing the pieces showed great possibilities of pedagogical use, including and expanding the ideas which inspired the list. Technical abilities, theoretical concepts, notation, developing of practice strategies, aesthetical discussions and performance of artistic repertoire since the beginning of the process of learning an instrument are among them. The excellent pedagogical and artistic result of these experience invites us to rethink children's repertoire patterns and stereotypes.