Classical Music in Cartoons as Education Source

  • Eka Chabashvili Department of composition, V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire Georgia
  • Maia Virsaladze Department of composition, V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire Georgia
Keywords: Music, Composition, Audio-visual, Cartoon


Fine art and music are very different physical phenomena, music being a product of acoustic processes and the visual of optical ones. As generally known, the spatial aspect is important for visualization, and the temporal one for sound-making. The connection between these two fields of art is possible only metaphorically, by associative thinking. In my opinion, for conciliating these two fields of art, it is important to mix the principles of thinking associated with both of these aspects. Therefore, cinematography uses some principals of musical thinking for montage and construction of movie composition. Visualization of music is an important way for a confluence of image and sound. This is the reason why many famous works of classical music are included in cinematography. So, any classical music work may be used as film music. The aim of my paper is the analysis of sound material connected with the classical music in several well-known cartoons, for example, such as Disney. This music brings out not only an elegant effect; it is also a means of familiarizing children with classical music. I would like to present a method for how classical music in cartoon film could possibly be included in education. The cartoon is a very good opportunity for child composers to improve their musical fantasy and feelings of sound communication.