"A gente aprende a ouvir, a tocar e a saber como a gente faz a música": Processos lúdico-criativos em uma oficina de música com crianças

  • Camila Costa Zanetta Universidade de São Paulo
  • Maria Teresa Alencar de Brito Universidade de São Paulo
Keywords: Creative processes, game, music workshop


The purpose of this research is to reflect about the value of spaces for creation and playful in Music Education. Therefore, we provide data and results collected from a Music Workshop for children, integrated in a master’s research completed in 2014. Proposed as an action-research and based on a qualitative approach, a Music Workshop was offered to children from seven to ten years old from Application School at USP in order to investigate the contributions to an integral formation of the children from scenic-musical games improvisation experiences. Aiming for the childrens’ own perspective about the improvisation games contributions, the data collection techniques used were: (1) video record; (2) semistructured interviews with the children; (3) protocols – made by the children. In this paper, we expose the main theoretical axes that underlined this research, as the concept of minor education, of minor music education, and the value of games in education, specially experiences of improvisation games in music education. The speeches of the children participating in the workshop will be exposed and analyzed, revealing, under their perspectives, what they learned through the playful processes of musical creation. The results allow us to think that music education directed to playful, games and creativity is propitious not only for musical learning, but to the integral formation of the human being.