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Volume 2 Issue 4 (2023)
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The International Journal of Business Innovation (IJBI) (ISSN 2795-5036) is an open-access peer-reviewed journal quarterly published by the University of Aveiro (UA). Business Innovation is a transversal and multidisciplinary theme of current interest to all organizations, regardless of their nature, sector, and/or size, as it allows them to add value, increase efficiency and provide organizations with a competitive advantage.

The primary objective of the IJBI is to provide comprehensive coverage and understanding of various ways of business innovation and its implications for organizational competitiveness, compiling scientific contributions and case studies in the various scientific areas that enhance business innovation.

The secondary objective of IJBI is to expand the knowledge on this topic and in turn help researchers and practitioners to develop suitable strategies, tactics, and operational policies for enabling innovative organizational management.

IJBI intends to be a forum for exchanging new ideas and developments and act as a medium of communication of original contributions among researchers and practitioners.