The entrepreneurial competence in primary school curricula in Asturias (Spain): high ideals and sobering realities

  • Iván Diego Rodríguez Valnalón
  • María del Canto de la Iglesia Ordóñez Valnalón
  • Carlos Hevia-Aza Colegio Sagrada Familia-El Pilar
  • Priscille Marcillaud


The article discusses the positioning and framing of the entrepreneurial key competence in the regional Curriculum for Primary Schools in Asturias (Spain). Quantitative and qualitative content analysis of learning outcomes and evaluable learning standards, two key elements in the new curriculum, bring to the fore the lack of a clear learning progression for the development and acquisition of this key competence. The negative implications for programming and assessment of quality teaching and learning experiences in a competency-based curriculum are discussed and some potential courses of action are described.