KEDI-project: creating the automation architecture with the common fieldbus diagnostic tool

  • Jorma Hintikka VTT Electronics
  • Tommi Runtti VTT Electronics
  • Mika Puurunen VTT Electronics


In the KEDI project [1], the new automation architecture will be made using several different fieldbus solutions. KEDI stands for a finnish name which means Fieldbus Diagnostics. The new-found part created by the KEDI project will be the diagnostic tool, which is capable to utilize diagnostic data from different fieldbuses and their devices. The second goal in the project is to utilize common interfaces and technologies (like OPC, XML and NOAH) to transfer data between different applications in the architecture. The third goal is to advance the integration of automation systems with intelligent applications, which utilize the digital communication possibility and the intelligence of field devices. The last goal of the KEDI project is to test the capability of created solutions in a Pulp factory.

Session 2