Signal analysis techniques for localising spikes and slow waves based on MEG/EEG data

  • J. C. de Munck MEG Center VUmc
  • A. de Jongh MEG Center VUmc
  • D. van ‘t Ent MEG Center VUmc
  • P. Ossenblok Epilepsy Center Kempenhaeghe
  • J. C. Baayen MEG Center VUmc
  • M. Pulligheddu MEG Center VUmc
  • C. J. Stam MEG Center VUmc
  • F. H. Lopes da Silva Epilepsy Center Meer & Bosch


Two abnormalities in the spontaneous magnetic brain activity of patients with tumours and epilepsy are investigated: slow waves and inter-ictal spikes. Signal analysis techniques are demonstrated to localise their underlying generators, project these sources onto the patient’s MR scan and to compare their locations. The clinical importance of this study is to get insight into the question whether the (abundant) slow waves can be used as a diagnostic substitute for the (relatively rare) inter ictal spikes.

III Simpósio: Análise Multimodal em Epilepsia