QoS-aware fast handover optimization supported by multicast networks

  • Nuno João Sénica
  • Rui L. Aguiar
  • Susana Sargento


This paper presents three different solutions for handover optimization covering three different scenarios. The first scenario suits the needs of an operator driven network with no degree of liberty on the choice of the new Acess Router (AR) by the terminal. An higher degree of liberty is achieved in the second proposed solution, where a supporting multicast network grants the non predictability of the target AR. The multicast network allows the reduction of the bandwidth usage inside the operator network assuring resource optimization, and the delivery of the packets to the surrounding ARs, and thus to the roaming terminal. Nevertheless, these two methods (which are operator driven) depend on an entity in the network for handover permission and control. To avoid this in a high mobility network, we propose a third solution where there is no admission control and always assures available resources in the surrounding ARs.