Monte Carlo simulation of a Gamma Camera and experimental validation

  • M. C. Abreu University of Algarve
  • B. Tomé University of Algarve
  • N. Santos University of Algarve
  • P. Rato Mendes University of Algarve
  • S. Rodrigues University of Algarve


The purpose of this work was the Monte Carlo simulation of the Siemens E.Cam Dual Head Gamma Camera and consequent experimental validation, with the aim to further study and to improve the current understandingconcerning the operation of these systems, this way contributing to the development of detectors with betterenergy resolution, sensitivity, spatial resolution and linearity. The geometry and characteristics of this Gamma Camera, physics processes involved, and necessary radiation sources were implemented in GEANT4 code, to be as realistic as feasible. (...)

Poster Session