Small Field of view HpXe hybrid detector for scintigraphy

  • João Filipe Veloso Physics Department – University of Aveiro


The potential of the Portuguese idea, the Micro Hole and Strip Plate (MHSP) for medical imaging is discussed. Three major developments are in course: a low cost high energy and spatial resolution sensitive gamma detector based on a CsI- MHSP structure operating in high pressure xenon environment envisaging planar scintigraphy of small organs and tumours, and of small animals; an x-ray imaging detector also based on an MHSP operating in charge mode for single photon imaging; and a position sensitive visible gas photomultiplier (GPM) using the MHSP as part of the multiplication stage and also contributing for a strong reduction of the ion back flow to the photocathode, needed for GPMs. The latter can be combined with a solid scintillator, allowing several applications in nuclear medical imaging.

Invited Communications