Building a shared personal learning environment with Sapo Campus

  • Luis Pedro DeCA, University of Aveiro
  • Carlos Santos DeCA, University of Aveiro
  • Sara Almeida DeCA, University of Aveiro
  • Tim Koch-Grünberg DeCA, University of Aveiro


SAPO Campus (SC) is an institutionally supported platform of integrated Web 2.0 services that allows its users to publish and share content in a safe environment. However, more than a space where people publish their content to, this platform allows its users to build the roots of their own PLE within the SC community. The implementation of these principles resulted in the idea of a Shared PLE (ShaPLE). Starting with SAPO Campus' base features some new sharing features were added to the platform, which we can broadly classify as platform and user driven. These two driven sources will contribute to an integrated digital curation mechanism that will allow users to have a more relevant learning experience. This paper describes and specifies the solutions developed in order to support the creation of a ShaPLE, and reflect upon the impact the development of this concept might have in the field of PLEs.