Future teachers looking for their PLEs: the personalized learning process behind it all

  • Linda Castañeda Universidad de Murcia
  • Jordi Adell Universidad Jaume I de Castellón


This paper reports the results of a naturalistic study obtained from a teaching experience in higher education with first year students of the Primary School Teacher degree. In this study we want to analyse how they are organiz- ing their activity for learning (reading, reflecting and sharing knowledge) and how those learning processes are integrated on their PLE. In order to achieve that, they have been reflecting about the learning basic "components" of their course activity: reading (in a multimedia way, or not only by text), doing (reflecting and creating cognitive artifacts), and sharing (discuss- ing, showing, and providing and receiving feedback from and to a community of reference), they have made relationships between those components and techno- logical tools, if there is any, and using those they have created mind maps for representing their PLEs. The idea is try to understand how are PLE organized and perceived by learners but not starting from the technological point of view but from the learning processes perspective.