PLE-based ePortfolios: towards empowering student teachers’ PLEs through ePortfolio processes

  • Gemma Tur Ferrer University of the Balearic Islands
  • Santos Urbina Ramírez University of the Balearic Islands


In this article, according to Cambridge, we try to argue building the networked self improve and empower the construction of eportfolios at the same time that they involve empowering the construction of each student’s personal learning environment. As Barrett says, we posit that Web 2.0 tools are suitable tools for the creation of artefacts in the first step of the construction of eportfoli- os. As stated by Shepherd and Skrabut, we try to argue as well, that these tools that encourage networking and empowering students’ PLE, contribute to eport- folio sustainability. Finally, we argue that eportfolios and PLEs have also their main processes in common. We analyse the use of Web 2.0 tools for the creation of artefacts in our eportfo- lio case study. Although we cannot prove our students’ eportfolio sustainability, at this point of our on-going project of eportfolios in Teacher Education, at the University of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza headquarters, we can still analyse our students’ beliefs in the role of technology in their learning and in their teacher identity, which is still in construction. As we said last year, during the first school year of implementation, there was a large group of students with a nega- tive attitude towards technology, although we can now say that most of them have evolved considerably. Some of them still think that technology fails to en- rich their own learning process but in spite of this fact, all of them appreciate that the introduction of technology will have a positive effect on their teaching in the future.